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Development of Asset Management Software for Cloth Manufacturing Industry in India

The decision to invest in a tailored asset management software by OtherOffice has proven to be a wise one for our company. The software not only addressed our specific challenges but also provided us with comprehensive control over our assets, improved resource allocation, and optimized asset utilization. The cost of development, ranging from $2,500 to $5,000, was a fraction of what we would have spent on using prebuilt SaaS platforms. The return on investment has been remarkable, and we are grateful to OtherOffice team professionalism and commitment to delivering a top-notch software solution. - Managing Partner

Setting up a Talent Network Dashboard for a SaaS Company X Using Appsmith

"The Talent Network Dashboard built by the team at OtherOffice has revolutionised our hiring process. The dashboard has also allowed us to keep track of the status of our candidates' applications and the progress of their interviews. The team at OtheOffice were professional, responsive, and delivered on time. We highly recommend their services."

How ‘Company X’ Escalated their Sales by 20% with No-Code Website

"We knew it was time to give our website a new lease of life. We wanted to create a platform that was not only visually appealing but also engaging and intuitive to navigate."

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