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How ‘Company X’ Escalated their Sales by 20% with No-Code Website

Health care Technology / Health & Wellness Technology / Eldercare Technology / Senior care Technology

Making lives a little easier in their retirement chapter, Company X, located in (Chicago), developed health & wellness devices for professional caregivers and supporters in (2010).

These easy-to-install devices provide an array of automated home safety features such as automatic fall detection, smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring, and motion sensing that notify caregivers when an elder may need assistance.

By offering an affordable and comprehensive solution, Company X's devices gained popularity amongst private and public caregivers' agencies. They generated maximum inquiry and sales through Amazon, eBay, Ikea, Etsy, Best Buy, and other leading eCommerce platforms.

So, what were they missing?

The visitors on their website!

Company X recognized that while they had generated a great deal of success on eCommerce platforms, they had not yet tapped into the potential of driving traffic to their own website. In order to capitalize on these untapped prospects, they decided to revamp their website.

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Published on
May 24, 2023
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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"We knew it was time to give our website a new lease of life. We wanted to create a platform that was not only visually appealing but also engaging and intuitive to navigate."

The Challenge: Earn Direct Contact and Conversions through the Website.

Company X needed to upgrade their website for making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and engaging. However, hiring a team for web development, design, content, SEO, and analysis required significant time and financial investments.

The dev shops they reached out to had given them daunting estimates for the project, making them doubt the ROI of such an endeavor. Moreover, these agencies only delivered a one-time website product with little or no focus on long-term maintenance or customer experience optimization.

The Solution: Managed TechOffice Provided No-code Website

To bring their website to light and stir conversions, the company was in search of a long-term website partner that could provide quality development, maintenance, and optimization services. Eventually, they discovered the OtherOffice Managed TechOffice service which offered everything they were looking for!

We studied their needs and created a no-code website with the latest design principles, powerful functionality, and an intuitive UI/UX.

Tech stack:

Webflow and Shopify (third-party integration) were deployed to ensure that their website was both attractive and easy to use. With our proficient team of no-code developers, designers, and subject-matter experts, we created an experience that yielded the highest performance with lightning-fast page speeds, a modern look & feel, and seamless navigation.

Additionally, we implemented Google Optimize, Amplitude, and A/B tests to measure user engagement and test for optimizing different elements of their website. For session recordings, user behavior analysis, website usage statistics, and heatmaps, we used Microsoft Clarity.

The Result: No-code Website Bagged More Sales

By outsourcing Company X's website development and maintenance to our ingenious technology and expert support, they were able to cut their operational costs by more than 50% while increasing sales by 20% in just a few months.

"Had to hire four people in the past year to manage and maintain the website, but with OtherOffice, we were able to reduce our staffing costs by 75%." – Operations Head, Company X.

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